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Scuba diving, sailing, marine biology and wilderness adventures at locations around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions. Is it safe for visitors to travel in Nicaragua? According to statistics by Interpol and the United Nations, Nicaragua is one of the safest

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Nicaragua is an exciting and beautiful destination that doesn’t get enough attention. These 15 activities will have you putting on your must see list.

For many years, there wasn’t much to lure a traveler to Nicaragua beyond crumbling (if beautiful) colonial cities and a handful of backpacker lodges on the beach.

Note: Zika is a risk in Nicaragua. Because Zika infection in a pregnant woman can cause serious birth defects, women who are pregnant should not travel to Nicaragua.

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Being from Nicaragua and having traveled on a few occasions and lived during my early teen years. I must say that I saw a lot of stuff happen, including theft, fights

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Tragedy struck on the final day of a week-long youth service trip to Nicaragua last week, when Sonoma Valley High college senior Brandon Barmore, 17, drowned in a

Feb 02, 2015 · Ahh, Central America. While most travelers spend their time plotting escapes to Europe or Southeast Asia, this little nugget sits unassumingly right under

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By Chris Dray. A recent editorial in Nicaragua’s national paper El Nuevo Diario stated “It is the machista culture that is destroying men, women and families and

Nov 19, 2015 · Nicaragua, long hidden behind the image of her picaresque president, is finally emerging as a top retirement and vacation hotspot. We’ve been making the

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