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Welcome to Russia. The Russian character has been formed over centuries and traditions persist despite 70 years of communism. America and Russia Similarities

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In 1861 serfdom, the system which tied the Russian peasants irrevocably to their landlords, was abolished at the Tsar’s imperial command. Four years later, slavery

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Economy and Society. At the beginning of the twentieth century, about 85% of the Russian empire’s population was dependent on agriculture. Industry was found in

The Russian Empire fought the Great War and the ensuring Civil War with a lot of armoured cars of all origins. Some tanks were nevertheless tried.

Russian Expansion To America. In the centuries that followed the discovery of America, European expansion into the Western Hemisphere reached a

Dealers of handpicked historical and collectable European military rifles and handguns.

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The Russian Empire (also known as Russia) was an empire that existed from 1721 until it was overthrown by the short-lived February Revolution in 1917.

The State Duma or Imperial Duma was the Lower House, part of the legislative assembly in the late Russian Empire, which held its meetings in the Taurida Palace in St

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